Following the “Muse”.

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This is the completed painting.

I already had a large prepared Encaustic Board that I was waiting for something special to do on.  It is 18″x24″.

I thought of doing something with leaves and branches, so I started applying color, and then put some Shellac burn on it.  The bottom photo is the first photo I took after doing that. It kind of looks like Oysters!. But because of some Sumi e art I have seen, it looked kind of like the mountains of Japan that I see in some of the sumi e paintings.  So I Iet the Muse take over.  I didn’t know what to do with the bottom part, but I saw A waterfall on the left.  I used Oil sticks and Pan Pastels and started bringing out what I thought i saw. After completing the mountains and coloring, I used india ink to draw in all the little trees and bushes, and added some fog going through the mountains.  The point of this post, is that i had no idea what I was going to do, but I just started playing, and then the painting guided me to the end!  This is what I love about Encaustic.  You really have to allow it to guide you.