Finished another large painting

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I think this is finished, but I might spend some time glazing in some more color for drama.

i am having so much fun, allowing myself to just paint by intuition. It really frees me up because of no expectations….just as in life….I wish I had no responsibilities…enough income to hire others to do the mundane chores. I did chores my entire growing up and then as a mother and wife. ugg!

of course now, the mundane is dealing with my aging body…drs and tests and needles and emergency rooms! Dramatic, but a waste of my energy. Yet in order to have energy to paint, I have to ignore the pain and fatigue. I need to put time and energy into marketing, which is a challenge and a struggle, and I have noooo talent for. I want a marketing angel to-come my way.

Unfortunatly , I seem to be running out of time. My heart doesn’t work well, my eyes are deteriorating with macular degeneration. I have COPD from radiation from two breast cancer events ending with a mastectomy; I struggle with IBD and lack of sleep, I have anemia off and on from intestinal bleeding, and I deal with everything by myself. My son is in prison and my daughter ang grandkids are too busy to be having a relationship with me. And , I struggle financially!

Other than that, I find the energy to paint because of my passion for it! Time is running out, and I dare not have a stroke or anything that would take this away from me. I could not live without it,