Nasturtium Love

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I have had a love affair with this plant for years. I love the winding shapes of the stems, especially! They are so Art Nouveau, and the color combinations are unique in “the gardens of the Gods”!…..

Following the “Muse”.

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This is the completed painting. I already had a large prepared Encaustic Board that I was waiting for something special to do on.  It is 18″x24″. I thought of doing something with leaves and branches, so I started applying color, … Read More

Clean up time

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I tend to make huge messes when my creative passion takes over! I pull everything out and I use something, put it to my right (which isn’t where it may belong)! There is the heat gun, and it doesn’t cool … Read More

Working with R & F pigment sticks

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I started with encaustic medium, then a few coats of white medium. Then I rubbed in the sky colors, followed with a photo, printed on tissue paper.. I then covered all with a few coats of the clear.

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